2011. október 1., szombat

Fresh sewing day

It happens a lot in September! I started to sew bags and I started my blog too! (I am a beginner, so I need to learn a lot about designing my blog, to have more visitors...)
The weather here (Hungary, Central Europe) is still wonderful!
Here are some bags and other things, all made in September.

I'm linking this up with Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day.
Fresh Sewing Day

5 megjegyzés:

Rebecca írta...

Beautiful work! Making bags can get addictive, hey?

ozsuzsanna írta...

Hi Rebecca!

Yes, it is addictive, and I want to mek more and more...


ozsuzsanna írta...

Hi Emma! Thanks for the comment, the fabric is Ikea.


Snoozie írta...

From one Suzie to another - well done on the blog. I will start one soon! Love the bags!

felicity írta...

Lovely bags! I love using Ikea fabric - such a good price and a nice heavy weight.